Thursday, February 14, 2013

It’s Been a Family Affair

And it continues in Fort Worth
by Dorothy H.

In 1978, I had been in Texas just over a year when I had the wonderful opportunity to go to work for General Dynamics. I started out in the subcontract management department in Building 15. In the 1980s, I started working as a buyer in procurement. Through the years, I worked with and met many wonderful people. There, I also met the love of my life, and we’ve been married for more than 25 years.
Part of my job was purchasing mechanical hardware for the F-16, A-12, F-22 and then for the C-5, C-130 and P-3. I really enjoyed working with the people from Georgia. I feel really blessed for being part of the history that has been made here in Fort Worth. I retired from Lockheed Martin after 33 years. Our family legacy continues. My daughter and her husband still work at the plant in Fort Worth.
Thanks for the opportunity to share my memories.