Saturday, February 16, 2013

Science Was Fun

We were “Radar Men,” pioneering stealth technology
by Mike A.

Bob Taron and I came from the antenna lab to Skunk Works around 1960 to design the radome for the proposed F-12. We didn’t work on that project, but we but participated in a myriad of designs and the manufacture of antennae, radomes and materials related to stealth technology during the following 30 years. It was a privilege and a humbling experience to daily work with the likes of Kelly Johnson, Ben Rich, Luthor MacDonald, Ed Lovick, Mel George, Merlin Reedy, Eugene Giachino, Duane Halpape and many others in pioneering stealth technology. Ed Lovick's book, Radar Man, speaks to many of our research efforts and should make many realize that "science is fun."