Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Power of the Pen

I’ll never forget our pride and dedication
by Sybil J.

In 1971, Lockheed was on the verge of bankruptcy due to an ill-advised contract. The company was in need of a loan, but banks refused unless there was a government-backed guarantee. The public outcry was enormous. As a result, a letter-writing campaign was formed and employees were offered the opportunity to volunteer, on our own time, to participate.
Hundreds of us answered the call. We were given a list of names and addresses of our congressmen in Washington and a sample letter with the stipulation that all communications had to be hand-written or they would not be read. They got the message. The senior United States Senator from California, Alan Cranston, and others, secured enough support to pass the necessary legislation. Lockheed received the loan, which was repaid with interest.
I worked in Sunnyvale from October 1958 until I retired in March 1999. I feel I had a small part in helping save the company and my job in 1971.