Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lockheed’s Global Ambassador

My aunt was so impressed with the company, she moved from Iceland to California
by Robert W.

My aunt, Mary G. Beach (Imholz), was very dedicated to the Lockheed Corporation. She and her husband, Al, worked for a Lockheed subcontractor in Iceland from 1948 through 1951. Impressed by the treatment of employees by Lockheed management, they vowed to become part of the Lockheed family at the end of the Iceland project. After returning to the United States, Mary and Al moved from New York to southern California to become full-time Lockheed employees.

My aunt’s dedication was so strong, she convinced five family members to also become "Lockheedians." Mary and Al and three of the five family members retired from Lockheed. Of the two family members who did not , one had a successful career in high school counseling and the other became a vice president at The Walt Disney Company.

Lockheed Martin has received over 100 years of service by dedicated employees who like Mary had such a positive experience with Lockheed personnel in frozen, faraway Iceland.