Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Own GE Aerospace Heritage

Thank you, Lockheed Martin
by John S.

I cannot speak to the uniqueness of my particular situation, but I am drawing a monthly pension check from Lockheed Martin without having worked for Lockheed. I’ll explain. I worked for GE Aerospace. In 1989, I was laid off, but the next year I was hired by GE Aerospace, Reentry Systems. In 1993, Martin Marietta acquired GE Aerospace. In 1994, I was again laid off and was never rehired by any of the aforementioned companies. In 1995, Martin Marietta Corporation merged with Lockheed Corporation to become Lockheed Martin. In 1999, I began drawing a pension from Lockheed Martin. To summarize, I worked for GE Aerospace and for Martin Marietta, but never for Lockheed Martin. A big thank you to those responsible for carrying my pension benefits forward from GE to Lockheed Martin.