Sunday, February 24, 2013

The C-130: A Real-World Legend

I worked on C-130s in Vietnam
by Michael (Phuc) D.

I was an aircraft technician working on a Vietnam Air Force C-130A from 1973 to 1975. Two months after coming to the United States as a political refugee, I was hired as the first non-United States citizen at Lockheed Austin. I was even chosen to work on high-clearance projects (P-3, F-117, C-5, Viking).
The company was very generous in paying for my tuition and textbooks. I would later receive a bachelor’s degree. Unfortunately, my division was moved to another city, and I no longer work for Lockheed Martin.

I love the company with its friendly work environment, and highly skillful and motivated employees and management. I loved working on C-130s. They are safe and reliable. The photo is a Vietnam Air Force C-130 with tail ID number 002 (the second C-130 coming out from production circa 1954 or 1955).

I am proud to have worked on the  Hercules!