Sunday, February 24, 2013

It's Named after a Star of Second Magnitude

But during the Cold War, Polaris ruled supreme
by Gary W.

During the build-up for the first Polaris submarine missile, there was a demand for skilled workers. Because I had been an electronics technician, I was able to get a job readily at the Lockheed plant in Sunnyvale, California. This is my story.

I was assigned to the missile test and readiness console area in the big missile bay. Our engineers were always working to improve and to expand testing procedures, and I implemented their ideas into the test console. When an idea was tested and proved, it was incorporated on the submarines.

Electronics then was a touch different than electronics now—the circuits were much bigger! The checkout equipment I worked on needed a console as big as a closet. Now, it probably fits into a smart phone.

I have always felt that I helped advance the submarine missile program into what it is today. I appreciate the opportunity that Lockheed Martin gave me to do that.