Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lockheed’s Shipyard

Forty-four ships were under the Lockheed banner, and we loved them all
by Helen D.

Many people don't remember that Lockheed Shipbuilding in Seattle, Washington, built ships, ferry boats, submarine tenders, off-shore drilling barges and the largest hydrofoil in the world. There were 44 ships in all under the Lockheed banner.

After 25 years of marriage, raising kids and housework, I discovered I had to "go to work" and I chose Lockheed Shipbuilding. It had been where my grandfather worked during World War I as a blacksmith (a different company at that time). I started in the purchasing department, then the integrated logics support department, then out to the end of the dock for ship repair. I loved all the workers who were so proud of their ships and  generations of families in each trade. Each launching brought so much joy, pride and satisfaction that the Navy, Coast Guard or other companies entrusted their work for Lockheed to complete.
Now the shipyard is gone. The old offices on the Duwamish River are replaced by the Port of Seattle where huge ships, cranes, trains load and unload cargo.

The river has been cleaned up environmentally and now cruise ships park, where I used to when I went to work for Lockheed in 1975 until 1987. There was a friendly competition with Todd Shipyards across the river. We all loved our ships!

The Lockheed Shipyard, Near Seattle