Saturday, February 9, 2013

Playing with the Big Toys

What a country, what a company!
by Daniel N.

I was fortunate enough to work for Martin Marietta, IBM FSD, Lockheed and Lockheed Martin, as part of the test and support side of the Peacekeeper ICBM, DSP, C-130J, U-2 and F-35. In those jobs, I got to play with the 'big toys', and they paid me to do it. What a country and a company!

My most memorable moments came during my final job as flight safety engineer for the F-35 Program Cooperative Avionics Test Bed. The recollection of sitting in the cockpit of our modified B-737, touching down on the runways at Edwards or Eglin Air Force Base and becoming a part of decades of flight test history, was priceless.

Enjoying a Lockheed Martin Memory