Monday, February 4, 2013

My Story Begins in 1938 with the “Ferry Command”

Lockheed aircraft were bound for Britain
by Marvin H.

The year was 1938, and the threat of war was looming over Europe. In dire need of a bomber to patrol its coastal shorelines, England sent a team, led by Lord Halifax, to America to find a suitable airplane. Lockheed quickly mocked up an Electra to simulate a bomber and presented it to the search team. Lord Halifax liked it and the result was an order for 200 bombers.

To fill the huge contract, hundreds of new workers were needed. The company sent teams to all of the local towns offering employment to any who could pass a series of tests. I was, fortunately, one of six in my home town of Santa Ana who passed.

Lockheed sent us to a local aircraft training school for two weeks where we learned to drill holes and shoot rivets. We were then hired and given two more weeks of training at the company training facility. I started on swing shift building wing flaps and after several months was upgraded to a tool planner.

In the following years I worked at the Georgia facility, and later transferred back to the missile division in Sunnyvale, California. I retired in 1976, after 37 plus years of an enjoyable career and am now secure in a comfortable life with the support of my Lockheed retirement benefits.

I will always be grateful for the opportunities given and the experience gained from this great company. Thank you, Lockheed Martin.