Monday, February 4, 2013

Our Family's 100-Year Legacy

We worked on Gemini, Agena and Polaris
By Gary B.

I am from a Lockheed Martin family. In fact, both my parents worked at Lockheed-California. My mother, Nellie, worked in production control. Wes Bird, my father, worked in Burbank aircraft production control and moved to missiles and space development. He then moved to Sunnyvale and the Santa Cruz Test Base. He worked on Agena and Polaris missiles. My father worked directly with company Vice President H. J Brown. My mother followed Dad and worked in Sunnyvale.

I was hired in 1961, working in production control. I later worked in data processing, the cutting-edge of computers. My brother, Alex Weston, became president of the Management Association.

We all worked on Gemini, Agena and Polaris missile programs. Between all of us, our family has almost 100 years working at Lockheed, sharing, and working on the cutting-edge of aerospace.