Thursday, April 18, 2013

Advancing the Impact of New Technologies

One of my decades-old inventions is in use today
by Joseph K.

As chief of manufacturing research, I was instrumental in initiating the advanced manufacturing technology operation at Martin Marietta. I retired in 1977 after 20 years. Today, all major corporations follow Martin Marietta’s model by creating their own advanced manufacturing technology groups.
During my employment, Martin Marietta held seven Honors Night celebrations. I was honored three of the seven times—in June 1963, in June 1964 and in June 1967. I was recognized for my publications and patents. One of my inventions (3,726,007 April 10, 1973)—surface mount technology—was used in the 1972 Moon landing and is still used in modern computers, cell phones and electronic games. I also received the Best Paper of the Year Award from the NEP/CON Society and the Best Paper of the Year Award from the Surface Mount Society, a distinction awarded twice in consecutive years.

At Martin Marietta, I worked with Dr. Wernher von Braun on the Pershing missile. I was responsible for resolving issues with the reliability of its electrical inter-connections, ultimately creating a glass-filament wound motor case and more reliable soldering processes. For the latter, I was awarded the United States National Reliable Award in January 1964, in Washington, D.C., at the Ninth National Symposium on Reliability and Quality Control. I also co-authored an article with Dr. von Braun during the 1962 Missile-Rocket Convention, at the Henry Hudson Hotel in New York City, concerning the main issues with the Pershing missile—its propulsion and the reliability of its electrical connections.