Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I Retired with More Than a Half Century of Service

As a child, I dreamed of flight
by Robert H.

As a child in Marietta, Georgia, I watched B-29s flying from the "Bell Bomber Plant" for test and delivery. I thought that I would like to do that myself. Several years later, in 1951, Lockheed was asked to reopen the plant to build the B-47 Boeing Stratojet bomber, followed soon by a contract to build the new transport known as the C-130A Hercules. I started work for Lockheed-Georgia (GELAC) in May 1951. I was the 1,068th person to clear in through the medical center. My first job was as a storekeeper, followed by a steady upward trend through many several hourly jobs. In 1957, I was made a flight line supervisor, followed by promotion to flight engineer in the flight operations department. I moved up to co-pilot, pilot, instructor pilot, C-5A assistant project pilot, C-130 project pilot and chief pilot for production and delivery. I retired in February 2007 with 55 years and ten months total service with the now Lockheed Martin Aeronautics. My childhood wish was granted!