Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Leaving Our Mark

We showed true grit
by Brian S.

In comparison to a lot of other retirees, I came onboard rather late, in 1980. At my previous job, there was a blood drive for the Red Cross twice a year, and I donated twice a year. When I joined Lockheed, I was surprised to find there was a monthly blood drive, but nobody in my area ever gave blood. So I got commitments from five people, including myself, and made appointments for everybody to donate. On the appointed day, I went to round everybody up, but one chickened out. So only four of us went over to LERC to donate our blood. When they laid me on the bed, they asked which arm I wanted to use and I said right. They said they were not set up for a right arm, and said they needed to use my left. I said, “OK, I can use either.” Wouldn't you know for the first time ever, they screwed up putting the needle in, and said that they had to switch over to my other arm? I said, “That’s the arm I wanted to use in the first place!” Consequently, I arrived back in the office with each arm bandaged. The secretary exclaimed, “What happened to you?” I answered, “I promised them five people, and by golly they got their five pints!”