Sunday, April 21, 2013

Designing the First Air-to-Air Guided Missile

It was 1950, and the Cold War was just beginning
by James S.

Just out of college, I joined the Glenn L. Martin Company in 1950, as a junior electronic engineer in the electronics department. My first assignment was as a designer on an air-to-air guided air missile when none existed. It was the Oriole missile. I subsequently worked on a wide range of guided missiles and was co-inventor of a unique guidance system for a Marine Corps surface-to-surface missile. I was one of the approximately 250 people who transferred to Denver to start the Titan ICBM program. I was in the systems engineering organization. We built the Titan program to over ten thousand at its peak. I resigned from Martin in 1961. My time with Martin was very interesting, rewarding and fun!