Monday, April 15, 2013

My Career Began with the Starfire

I had just returned home from the Korean War
by Albert V.

In July of 1952, after serving in the Korean War, I was hired by Lockheed in Burbank, California. In 1996, 44 years later, at the age of 65, I retired from Skunks Works in Palmdale.
In 1952, the Gross brothers, early owners of the company, were still alive. They were very much in touch with the workers. I remember every Christmas they would come into the factory and talk with us and give us Christmas greetings and reports of the progress of the company.
I was involved with many different projects. The first airplane I worked on was the F-94C Starfire. Some of the other projects were President Eisenhower’s Air Force One Super Connie, the F-104 Starfighter, the CIA A-12, U-2, F-117A, C-130, S-3A, P-3C, C-5A and many others. I got to work at George Air Force Base in Apple Valley, California, during the Berlin crisis upgrading the F-104. I also worked at the Edwards Air Force Base on the SR-71.
Probably the saddest day of the 44 years that I spent at Lockheed was when I and a small group of workers closed the last plant in Burbank, Plant B6 and moved to Palmdale. I still follow Lockheed Martin through the Star Dusters newsletter and am so very proud of the many years of service.
The Lockheed F-94C