Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Success Starts at the Top

Thank you, Lockheed Martin, for teaching me to lead
by Thomas D.

I hired in on in May 1960, right out of high school. I worked in Department 4111 as a stock clerk. From there, I was accepted into management and had the honor to work with Jim Gilliam in the Navy closed area. I also worked in the closed areas in Building 104 to support space projects. I was able to manage an assembly line with dysfunctional employees. That experience truly opened my eyes to what can be done with a little help from management. Lockheed sent me to school to learn more about industrial management. That changed my life! The company also taught me basic electronics, which I have used to further my employment after I left the company in 1971. I can't tell you how much the chance to work on the cutting edge during the Silicon Valley evolution did for me. I want to thank all of the managers and employees I worked with during that time.