Monday, April 22, 2013

October 19, 1938

I remember my first day of my career
by Carl S.

As a lover of airplanes, I can remember my first day of employment at the Glenn L. Martin Company. It was on October 19, 1938, in the surface and floating department in “A” Building on the B-10 Bomber for the Dutch East Indies. From there, it was onto the PBM seaplane in “B” Building. During the War, the outer wing was subcontracted to Fairchild Aircraft in Hagerstown. I had the pleasure to help instruct the fabrication of these wings. After the War, I came back to work on the 2-0-2, which was a passenger plane. When the aircraft was discontinued, I had the pleasure to work on the Pershing missile. Then onto the short order department and scheduling. It was such an experience to have such a variety of jobs. I loved them all meeting so many nice people. My dreams were fulfilled.
B-10 Bomber