Saturday, April 13, 2013

Liquid Propellant Missile Course

We archived important Lockheed Martin history
by R. David H.

A United States Government agency was interested in how we developed the Titan missile. They reasoned that other countries would go through similar stages as we did. They wanted a course to which they could send their agents to examine the facilities we used and query those who built the Titan. I was the proposal manager, and later the program manager. With a team of several old-time employees, we developed a course to be presented by those who had hands-on experience on that weapon system, including tours of facilities and a multi-page loose-leaf notebook with photos and commentary for them to take home. We provided a four-day course, classified as Secret, at the Waterton facility. A significant intangible for Martin Marietta was the gathering of all this history in one volume. The material we gathered was found in scattered file cabinets, old 16mm films, stashed photos and the minds of soon-to-retire employees. The Government caused and funded this collective effort. Several spin-off opportunities ensued with that agency.