Thursday, April 18, 2013

Recognizing Talent Is Our Greatest Asset

We realized onboarding was an underpinning of JSF’s success
by Mark H.

In 1986, I began my employment with General Dynamics as a technical instructor. During my 25-year career, I enjoyed varied experiences, traveled quite a bit and, over time and was promoted to management. The high point of that journey was when I was assigned a special project for the JSF program. When JSF was in its early stages, we realized a need to effectively bring new people onto the program. In 2001, I was privileged to lead a team to develop an innovative process for orienting and assimilating new employees. That new process was launched in Ft. Worth in October 2001, and the JSF program at that location saw a growth of roughly 1,000 percent in just a couple of years. My team and I were asked to expand the process to all programs and all sites. Over the next few months, the process was modified, facilities were acquired and staff was increased. In June and July 2002, the onboarding process was expanded to include Marietta and Palmdale. Not too many years later, the process was again expanded to include the six smaller Lockheed Martin Aeronautics sites. It was noted as a Lockheed Martin Best Practice and became the foundation for the current onboarding process used across the enterprise. Those last 10 years at Lockheed Martin were the best. I got great fulfillment in seeing our efforts provided the best onboarding orientation experience possible and new employees excited about starting their careers at Lockheed Martin.