Monday, April 22, 2013

Quality Was Our Mantra

Over the course of three decades, I was an eyewitness to a technology revolution
by Charles F.

I was hired by the Glenn L. Martin Company in 1956. My badge was 337. I inspected most of the metals and raw material for quality receiving inspection. I worked at the Clay Street facility until the inventory and factory buildings were finished. In 1979, I was sent to Pueblo with 12 others. There, we hired about 250 people and built the tooling and mirrors for solar systems that produced electricity for Barstow, California, and Madera, Spain. I came back to Denver as a quality engineer. I received one of 13 medallions for work on the Peacekeeper. About the last four years, I worked at training in receiving inspection, material review board, source inspection and engineering drawing release approval for quality. I also worked on the small ICBM and Titan II refurb programs during this time. I retired in 1987.