Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Truly Interesting and Stimulating Work

The intangibles were many
by Richard J.

My career with Martin Marietta was based entirely in the materiel department in Denver, Colorado. I had responsibilities over purchasing and subcontracting. When I retired in 1987, my final position was as director of materiel. My job requirements included participating in negotiating major subcontracts. I traveled extensively to subcontractor facilities scattered across the country, plus I made occasional trips overseas, including to Spain. These were very interesting and stimulating experiences.

I was working during the period when the main programs at the Denver plant were Titan missiles and the Space Shuttle. It was exciting to work on these projects. I was able to go to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida with my wife to see a Space Shuttle lift-off and flight. What a reward! It was a once-in-a-lifetime event, which I greatly appreciated.

Since many of our major subcontracts included somewhat complicated incentive provisions, I was also privileged to teach several classes on the general subject of negotiations and the inclusion of contractual incentives. In looking back over 25 years of service, I believe my career helped to mold me into a more mature person who has been greatly blessed.