Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lockheed:1953 to 1963

We were proud to support Air Force One
by William McA.

I worked at Lockheed during an exciting decade (1953 to 1963). Not only was the work interesting, but we certainly had a bunch of great people working there. Lockheed’s aircraft maintenance operations supported several different companies. Among the airline customers were Avianca, Lufthansa, Iberia and Seaboard & Western. I worked in the planning area. We also specialized in revamping Air Force One to satisfy the administration that was in office at that time. I remember working in a special space set up in one of the hangars when President Kennedy was in office. He needed a special desk and chair where he could work, but because of problems with his back, he needed a specialized desk set-up. A few changes were made for Mrs. Kennedy as well. Once President Johnson came into office in 1963, we did other types of work. It was interesting working in the program office because we were attached to many different types of contracts. Of course, back in around 1954, we went on strike and that wasn't pleasant.

JFK and Air Force One