Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sea Shadow

I worked on the Navy’s cutting-edge Cold War stealth ship
by Hal W.

Lockheed built ships too! In 1959, Lockheed bought Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Company in Seattle and operated the shipyard and construction company for almost 30 years as Lockheed Shipbuilding and Construction Co. (LSCC). LSCC designed and built commercial ships and ferries, as well as warships and performed overhauls and repairs on various craft. I got the surprise of my professional life one day at LSCC when I was called to a secret briefing and learned that our shipyard was going to assist Lockheed's Redwood City facility in designing and building a ship that would be invisible to radar! Sponsored by the United States Navy and a government contract, a 162 foot, 560 ton version of the ship, named "Sea Shadow" was built and tested but, as far as I know, the program was ended and the Sea Shadow was recently sold by the Navy for scrap.

An Amazing Ship