Saturday, April 13, 2013

Moving on through Generations

Mom and I worked at the Marietta plant
by Carol L.

In the 1940s, my mom, Lois Ragsdale, worked at the plant in Marietta, Georgia. I believe she worked on the production of B-29s. Years later, I began working in 1956 in the editing and publishing group of an engineering department at that same facility. Our group produced manuals on various airplanes for the Air Force. Before computers or even word processors, these manuals were typed on Justowriters.
My 39-year career was interrupted by four pregnancy leaves and a brief layoff in the 1970s. A part-time opening in human resources offered an opportunity to avoid a longer layoff. Using the tuition reimbursement program offered, I was able to complete a four-year degree while working full time. I retired from product support in 1995, and my early retirement allowed me to pursue new hobbies and interests, such as making pottery and travel.

Thank you, Lockheed Martin!