Tuesday, April 23, 2013

An Amazing Era for Aviation

Middle River was the place to be
by Stephen T.

I was employed at Middle River in Baltimore, beginning in the late 1950s, when aircraft were still vital there. I met and interacted with several aeronautical experts imported from Germany—unlike the more well-known examples of imported rocket experts in Alabama. No unpleasant hints from the past ever arose. For the record, they were Hans Multhopp, Peter Jordan, Fritz Vandrey and Ingeborg Ginzel.

Mr. Multhopp probably made the biggest impact as a designer, since he brought proven skills and experience from German fighters. Notable was the use of T-tails. These now made their appearance in innovative military aircraft built in Baltimore, but were never bought.

I saw a wood mock-up of a proposed close-ground support flying tank. The production contract went elsewhere. Today, the Maryland National Guard flies essentially the same aircraft from the Middle River Airport. It is known as the Warthog.