Monday, April 1, 2013

Space Flight Was a Thrilling Adventure

I had an amazing 28-year career
by Gerald R.

In August 1965, I joined a group of 200 computer operators, programmers and engineers operating part of the JSC central computer facility. During the time and prior to the end of the year, I noticed the other contractors wearing black eyes and sign saying, “I would rather fight than switch.” Suddenly, the realization hit that we were in competition for the operation contract for the entire facility. From that point on, Lockheed provided me with a 28-year career within the NASA facility in Houston. The thrilling adventures of space flight development and the ultimate accomplishment of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely back to Earth. One of my prized keepsakes is the Man on the Moon lapel pin presented to those who contributed to such a world-changing accomplishment. Thank you Lockheed Martin, for providing me and my family with 28 years of historic employment!