Monday, March 11, 2013

A Novel Concept

We set the standard for product support worldwide
by Timothy R.

During the early days of the F-16 program, the logistics department was tasked to develop a support system in the field for F-16 worldwide operation.

As such, the product support department approached the United States Air Force with the idea of assigning a Fort Worth staff person in various regions of the world. They would provide localized support for the F-16s in their region, with engineering support coming from Fort Worth.

An LOA was formalized with the Air Force to place support offices at key locations—PACAF, USAFE and Ninth Air Force Headquarters, Nellis Air Force Base and Brussels, Belgium. Thus, the formation of the regional manager concept for support was established in the early 1980s. This mindset became the aerospace standard for support for fighter aircraft around the world. Several of those offices still provide support to our customers after 30 years. Lockheed Martin product support set the standard for worldwide support in the aerospace industry!