Friday, March 22, 2013

The Connection Began in My Childhood

I have a lifetime of memories
by Stephen L.

As a kid growing up, I first learned about Lockheed by building model airplanes, including the P-38 and the Electra. I never thought I would be a Lockheed employee until one day in 1982.

I was working at a naval architecture firm in San Francisco, and Lockheed in Sunnyvale was just starting the design of the Sea Shadow.  They needed designers and engineers with marine expertise, and they contacted our company. I, along with a few others, was sent down as a temp to aid in the design of structures, HVAC, piping and electrical systems. Over approximately two years, we designed and built the first stealth ship for the United States Navy, all done in secrecy. Our job being complete, we headed back to San Francisco.

A few months later, my Lockheed supervisor for whom I had worked called and asked if I would like a permanent job, and I was hired in 1985. From then until my retirement in 2011, I worked on some very challenging and rewarding projects alongside some great people. For the last approximately 15 years of my career, we designed, built, operated and maintained S-band antennas for tracking Trident missile launches. These antennas were ground-based at remote locations, and aboard Navy ships. This required extensive travel all over the world and hands-on work. I had some amazing experiences.

I have a lifetime of great memories from my 25-plus years at Lockheed Martin, and feel fortunate to have been an employee.

We designed, built, operated and maintained S-band antennas.