Monday, March 25, 2013

Cogent Advice

I’m glad I made Lockheed Martin my career choice
By Ted D.

I began at Lockheed in 1958 at the Missiles and Space Company. Thermodynamics was my interest, and I worked creating analytical models for the behavior of heat shields on re-entry bodies. In 1968, I transferred to a new business unit, and we won a contract to fly some experimental re-entry vehicles with various heat shields.

After that, I worked in systems engineering in the Missile Systems Division on the Trident and Poseidon re-entry bodies. During that time, Vice President Herschel Brown retired, and he distributed a paper from his retirement speech which contained some cogent advice, “Make Lockheed your career.” I said to myself, “Why not?”

In 1980, I decided to move from the Missile Systems Division to the Space Systems Division, and see what opportunities lay there. I was fortunate to land a position on the Hubble Space Telescope in systems engineering.  Next, I worked on the International Space Station in systems engineering for the remainder of my Lockheed Martin career. I thank Mr. Brown for those inspiring words.