Sunday, March 17, 2013

At 96, I Remember Working on Lockheed’s Finest Aircraft

I was hired before the Attack on Pearl Harbor
by Julian S.

I am Julian, age 96. I hired in at Lockheed's Burbank plant on August 14, 1941. I worked on the Model 10, Model 12, Hudson Bomber, P-38, British 322, Constellation, Ventura, Lodestar and the first three P-80 jets in the Skunk Works. I got to know Kelly Johnson, Tony Levier, Herman (Fish) Salmon and Chief Test Pilot Milo Burcham. I received a personal commendation from Chief Engineer Hall Hibbard for my work building the second P-80 from scratch in just 138 days.

At Burbank, we had to furnish our own tools. At one time, Lockheed was employing 92,000 people. I worked there four years.

Later, I worked for Lockheed-Georgia, in Marietta, for 25 years. I worked on the B-47, C-130, C-141, Hummingbird, LASA-60 and JetStar.

In my 29 years with Lockheed, I was late to work one time, caused by a freight train across the entrance to the flight line in Marietta. I retired in 1976.

My Personal Commendation from Hall Hibbard

The Shooting Star in Flight