Sunday, March 17, 2013

Missiles Guided My Career

I began working in January 1964, almost 50 years ago
by Orazio C.

My association with Lockheed Martin began in January 1964 when I was first employed as structures design engineer on the MGM-52 Lance at the LTV-Michigan Division of Vought Aircraft. Subsequent programs such as the Terminal Guided Sub-Missile and the M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System followed, as the division name changed to Missiles and Space Division of LTV-Aerospace, which later became part of Lockheed Martin. Unfortunately, after almost 17 years, the division closed in October 1980. 

Early on, I "coerced" an old buddy, Stan DeRight, to join us and continued a friendship that lasted 60 years. As part of Lockheed’s Retirement Trust, I still get my monthly retirement check. Thank you and congratulations!