Thursday, March 14, 2013

Capturing the Title

I won the Glenn L. Martin Silver Cup in Boxing 
by Gary F.

My story goes back to 1947 and concerns Glenn L. Martin and the facility at Middle River, Maryland. Mr. Martin was an avid sports fan and encouraged participation in all sports. I was only 16-years-old at the time and won the Maryland State Bantamweight Boxing Championship when I defeated highly favored Pete Garibito of the United States Army. I was voted the outstanding boxer of the tournament and received the Glenn L. Martin Silver Cup (which I still have).

 I went on to the University of Maryland and then on to graduate school at Central Missouri State University earning master’s degree in safety. I joined Martin Marietta Aluminum in Oregon as a safety manager and was later transferred back to my roots in the Baltimore area working as safety manager at the Middle River aerospace plant. I had that Glenn L. Martin silver cup on my desk until I retired.

 A photo of me at my desk with that silver cup was featured in the company newsletter. I was also the Martin Marietta Management Club president for one year.