Thursday, March 14, 2013

World War II Aviation Scrapbook

I was an armchair aviator, even in high school 
by Richard A.

I worked most of my life at Lockheed Martin heritage companies. I also had a brief stint after retirement in 1996 at my former office just as it evolved into Lockheed Martin at Cherry Hill, New Jersey. My attraction to Lockheed, as armchair aviator, began with my high schooler's scrapbook of pictures of America's World War II aircraft.  My favorite was the elegantly articulated P-38 Lightning. A co-worker who flew one in the European theater always added, "Almost too hot to handle!"  I also loved the Howard Hughes-related Electra and Constellation. I had the pleasure of flying as passenger on a Connie between my home in New Orleans and my Army base in California, circa 1952.

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