Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Big-City Boy Finds Success

Over five decades ago, I moved from New York to Orlando
by Frank W.

I started at Martin Marietta in 1961. I had moved with my wife and two young children to Orlando, Florida, from New York City. While living in New York, I worked for IBM in the printing department, and my wife wanted to leave the City and move closer to her parents who had retired in Orlando. When I first arrived, I found out that Orlando was a small town and employment was difficult to find. Fortunately, I learned about a company located 20 miles in the middle of nowhere that was hiring printers for its print shop. I will always feel lucky to have found this job with such a wonderful company as Martin Marietta.

I am now 89 years old and I think back to my time at Martin Marietta with fondness. I made wonderful friends and had a very fulfilling career that allowed me to save enough to buy my own home and send both my children to college.