Thursday, March 28, 2013

I Am a "Product" of Lockheed Martin

As a small boy, I yearned to follow in my dad’s footsteps
by Floyd C., Jr.

My father, Floyd Sr., started working for Lockheed in Marietta, Georgia, in 1951. He was a manufacturing planner. I was still a little boy, and I was so proud for us to be part of the Lockheed family. When I graduated from high school, I joined the Navy. Of course, went into the Naval aviation program. I became an aircraft electrician, working on all electrical systems related to jet aircraft. 
Later, after serving four years, I was blessed to follow my father’s footsteps and became a proud member of Lockheed as a flight line electrician. I worked on the C-141 and C-5A flight test and production programs. I rose to become a flight manager there, and had the honor working with the best group of people ever assembled. I have always thought that indeed it does take a village to raise a child, and I feel I am a product of the Lockheed Martin family.