Monday, March 11, 2013

Trepidation Quickly Turned into Opportunity

Martin Marietta and the aluminum forging market
by Kirit B.

After 10 years of engineering management experience at Chrysler Corporation, I was hired by the Martin Marietta forging division in 1978 to penetrate the aluminum forging market in the automotive industry. Our competition was Alcoa and Kaiser.

I accepted the job with trepidation that quickly turned into an opportunity and, ultimately, success with help and trust from Harold Long, vice president of sales at the time. Our target market was the heavy-duty truck market, but instead we focused our resources on high-volume passenger car and multipurpose vehicles such as pickup trucks and vans.

It is remarkable what one can accomplish when the entire organization comes together with laser-like focus. In a very short time period, Martin Marietta forging division in Torrance, California, was selling aluminum forged fabricated parts to Oldsmobile, Ford Escort, Ford pickup truck, Buick and Corvette. Ford Motor Company also designated the Martin Marietta forging division to supply all the aluminum forged suspension parts for their all-new Corvette type vehicle design and development project.

I had a privilege to work for the well-managed Martin Marietta Company. It had a vision of the future and has become a prominent aerospace company in the world. I am a proud retiree of Lockheed Martin. 

Today, my wife and I own a small business utilizing all the experience gained from my employment at the Chrysler engineering and Martin Marietta technical sales and marketing.