Monday, March 11, 2013

Witnessing Patriotism

I understood the debt I owed to these heroes and to my country
by Thomas C.

My memories of this great company, are filled with thoughts of a great generation—wonderful men and women of the past. These “patriots” fought for our freedoms in World War II and Korea. After their service, they joined Lockheed.

My early years at Lockheed were during the 1960s. I had the privilege and honor to be assigned to  a fight safety engineering group, which was comprised of World War II veterans. As the only youngster (15 years younger than they) in this small group, I was humbled. I also felt a sense of pride, not only for the greatness of Lockheed and its products, but also because of the men with whom I was associated.

Without exception, they set a wonderful professional example for others and me to follow. They were men of honor, duty and courage. These men and women formed the foundation of a wonderful organization of which we can all be proud.

All the men of flight safety I mention above are gone now, but their memory and example are enduring symbols of a great company. I am proud they came my way in this wonderful professional environment called “Lockheed Martin!"