Sunday, March 17, 2013

Winning New Business

I enjoyed every moment
by Warren McC.

In 1969, I started to work at the General Dynamics, in Fort Worth, Texas, as an engineering change analyst writing engineering change proposals for the F-111 program. We had over 30 people at that time writing proposals. The F-111 program phased out in 1972. I was laid off, but returned in 1976 to work for the same man, Claude Youts, in the engineering project office. When I returned, there was one “me” and one other person, Graham Donthan, to write proposals for the new F-16 program and to continue writing proposals on the F-111!

I have written proposals for the F-111, F-16, F-16XL, F-22, F-35 and several classified proposals. Some of my most memorable proposals were configuring the F-16 for the Air Force Thunderbirds and working on the initial F-35 proposal. I had the opportunity to visit the Marietta and Palmdale facilities numerous times and see how other airplanes were built.

It was a fantastic career, and I enjoyed every moment working with engineering and non-engineering personnel, and the customer. I retired in 2010.