Sunday, March 10, 2013

I Worked with Legends of Aviation

I was a cinematographer and animation director
by Sammy V.

I hired into Lockheed in Van Nuys, California, on February 25, 1958, when Lockheed Missiles and Space Company was Lockheed Missiles Systems Division. I was hired by my uncle, Glenn E. Miller, who was the manager of the motion picture department at the Van Nuys Airport. The department moved to Sunnyvale later that year, in August.

The motion picture department was under L. Eugene Root (the iconic aircraft designer and missile builder), at that time, and produced over 800 documentary files. I was a cinematographer and animation director for the department until 1975, when I moved from San Jose (motion picture department) up to Sunnyvale, where I worked with senior management. I was the visual aids specialist and traveled with senior management all over the country. I worked with Stan Buriss, Bill Rieke, Dan Tellep and others—a real who’s who of aviation.

I ended my career with in 1992, working with LERA. I still keep in touch with former Lockheed Chairman and CEO Dan Tellep to this day. We formed a special friendship because of our running together over the years. Oh, and as a point of interest, my uncle, Dave Scott worked on and built the P-38 in the 1940s (almost 10,000).

Warm regards to all!