Monday, March 25, 2013

Our Family "Dynasty"

Nearly all of us had lifelong careers at Lockheed Martin
by Raymond B.

During the World War II, my mother and her sister, Connie, worked at the Burbank plant. The woman in the back row of the photo below is my mother, Winifred, at what she called the silk screen or poster shop at the Lockheed Burbank plant during World War II. Mom met my father, Raymond, a young engineer, there. Both my grandfathers (one was an FAA official) and my Uncle Steve (a young engineer) worked at the Burbank plant. In 1958, my father and Grandfather Lee and their families moved to Sunnyvale to work at the Sunnyvale plant.
My entire family had life-long careers at Lockheed Martin, except my mother and aunt who returned to the home after the war. I am now in my 28th year at Lockheed Martin at the Advanced Technology Center in Palo Alto. My sister never worked at Lockheed Martin, but she was the "Lockheed Rodeo Princess" in the late 1960s.
I'm proud to carry on Mom's legacy (she's standing in the back row)!