Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Father and I Both Worked at Lockheed

From our front yard, I watched the B-47s overhead
by C.R. H.

My father went to work for Lockheed in 1951, and we moved to Smyrna, Georgia, that same year. From our front yard, I watched the arrival of the B-47s for modifications. My father was a long-time employee and worked in various aircraft inspection assignments. He retired in 1965.

After high school, I was hired by Lockheed as a template maker and worked on the mezzanine making templates and sample parts. I later worked in the business machines area doing the weekly payroll. My time with Lockheed was interrupted by Uncle Sam. I was drafted in December 1955 and returned to Lockheed some years later.

I worked in the GenPlan group developing programs to create the input to print the specifications and drawings of parts for the C-130, C-5, C-141 and F-22. I retired from Lockheed Martin about six months after the merger in July 1996. My years with the company were very enjoyable, and I have the satisfaction of knowing I have contributed to the success of Lockheed Martin.