Monday, March 18, 2013

The President’s Jet

I was a mechanic on Air Force One
by Edward S.

Thank you Lockheed Martin for the experience you gave me. I worked an aircraft hydraulic mechanic for Lockheed Aircraft Service International at Idlewild, now JFK Airport in New York, from 1956 through 1973. I loved my work and enjoyed my 17 years there! I was a mechanic on Air Force One and the Washington fleet during the 1960s when presidents Kennedy and Johnson were in office. I also flew on Air Force One for a test flight and sat in the president’s seat during the flight.

When the president or another high government official flew into New York, I was assigned to the arrival crew, and I parked and departed the plane. I saw the presidents numerous times when they departed and boarded the plane.

We did major work and modifications which took three months to complete each plane. I worked on Air Force One tail number 26000. The fleet’s other tail numbers were 970, 971 and 972.

I have lived in Ocala, Florida, now for the past 18 years. Congratulations on your Centennial!

I worked on this wonderful aircraft!