Friday, March 29, 2013

Rising through the Ranks

My story begins just after World War II
by Gerald S.

My story may be unique. I started my career working for the Glenn L. Martin Company in Essex, Maryland (C Building basement) in the fall of 1948 as a junior laboratory technician. I earned $1.45 per hour and was part of a group that designed one of the first United States electronic missile guidance systems. It was called the Oriol project. I left after two years to pursue my professional career.
About 10 years later, in 1961, I joined Lockheed Missile and Space Company as an engineering manager on the Agena program. Two years later, I was promoted and transferred to run a division of Lockheed Electronics Company. In 1969, I was again promoted to become president of the Lockheed Electronics Company and a corporate vice president of Lockheed.
What is unique is that I started with Martin, one member of the merged companies, at the bottom of the ladder. Twenty years later, I became a vice president of Lockheed, the other member of the merged companies.
One career path that involved two companies that in turn became one, gives me a strong sense of loyalty and pride in Lockheed Martin.