Thursday, March 7, 2013

An Honor and a Privilege

My tenure began in 1986
by Charles McC.

In 1986, I began my relationship with Lockheed Martin. I was a quality engineer on the Patriot Missile program and was promoted that same year to quality manager. During my tenure of some 25 years, I was privileged to be affiliated with virtually all products manufactured at the Ocala, Florida, facility.

My actual active duty with Lockheed Martin was 12 years, but I've been back a total of seven times as a contractor working in the field of quality engineering. My tenure with the company has passed my active duty time in the military (22 years).

The privilege of working for such a prestigious company has been a distinct pleasure, and there is a possibility that I may go back in the next few months for another tour. At the senior age of 74, I consider this an honor!