Thursday, March 7, 2013

From Stock Clerk to Operations Manager

I was hired in 1961, during the “glory days”
by Donald C.

I hired in with Lockheed Missiles and Space Company, Sunnyvale, California. It was 1961, during those crazy "glory days" when it seemed as if everyone was moving to the Golden State. I started as a stock clerk in production control. I worked the swing shift, attending San Jose State during the day.

After many years and numerous job classifications, promotions and assignments, I eventually achieved a master’s degree in cybernetic systems. I migrated to Charleston, South Carolina, and worked at the POMFLANT Weapons Facility as a quality control manager. I then on to the Space Shuttle program as a production control manager, and finally to King's Bay, Georgia, at the SWFLANT facility as the operations manager. I retired in 1997 and life is good in Florida!

Thank you, Lockheed Martin, for a wonderful ride.

Life is good!