Monday, March 4, 2013

Ode to the Blackbird

This remarkable aircraft deserves homage
by Jerry McC.

Over my 20-year Air Force career, I worked on several Lockheed aircraft instrumentation systems—the T-33 Thunderbird, the F-104 Starfighter, the U-2 Dragon Lady, the TR-1 and the SR-71 Blackbird. From 1986 until 1997, after my retirement from the service, I worked at Lockheed Martin in Fort Worth, Texas, supporting the F-16 Fighting Falcon program. The memories of these years are among my fondest.  

Given the timeframe in aviation history and the aircraft’s complexity, I have long considered the Blackbird to be the greatest marvel ever built. The following is my poem about this remarkable aircraft.

The Blackbird

In that realm for which you are suited,
I am with admiration,
A hostile realm, realized by only a few,
You, a sojourner.

Born from the marvels of science,
And where even the mighty eagle cannot fly,
You roar, thunder and accelerate,
With quickened grace.

While the world’s greater number,
Knows not that you exist,
But for freedom’s interest we are the safer.

And the increasing plights of humanity,
are far more recognized,
Because you exist.

You are the Blackbird,
And for this, our history shall be better served.