Saturday, March 9, 2013

Proud to Represent

The engineering team was superb
by Henry P.

I went to work at Martin Marietta to run the VHSIC wafer fab activity as part of its microelectronics center. My director was Bill Bedsole. We were instrumental in manufacturing internal ICs to be used by the company’s various programs.

Later on, upon the closing of the VHSIC program, I went to work for Bill Holland as manager of the components engineering group. As part of the electrical engineering department, we supported all component qualification and certification for the company’s Orlando and Ocala programs. We had an excellent group. Two teams reported to me. One team was managed by Ray Darling, while the other was managed by Chester Kennedy. What a fine and superb team of engineers, and I was very proud to represent them. Our director, Bill Holland, was by far the finest engineer I ever had the pleasure to work for. I miss those great days!