Saturday, March 9, 2013

I Became a Member of the Royal Order of Star-Riders

I’ll never forget those years
by Keith N.

Hello! I came to work at Lockheed in September 1965 at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona, where the German Air Force was trained to fly the F-104G (click here to watch a video). The program was scheduled for four years, but lasted 18. I was a crew chief for most of those years. The two-seat version of the aircraft, the TF-104G, was stationed at Luke, and I had the opportunity to fly the back seat on a Mach 2 supersonic test hop on September 6, 1968!

After the closing of the program in 1983, I went to work for the United States Government for over two years. I came back to work at Lockheed in Ontario, California, for another 16 years, as a quality engineer. I retired in 1999.

Here's my flight certificate to show my honorary membership!