Saturday, March 9, 2013


I have fond memories of this aircraft
by James S.

I have always loved airplanes and flying, so Lockheed aircraft were always in the picture. I worked on aircraft, starting with the F2H Banshee at MacDonnell Aircraft in St. Louis. In 1951, I got my draft physical and joined the Navy to be with my older brother who was already serving. I ended my first four years, then went Active Reserve and flew as a radar operator on the Lockheed P2V-5F. My favorite plane was the one we flew during the Berlin Crisis. She was 127763, and we named her “Kaboom,” because the port engine back fired every three hours on the nose. The cause was never determined, even when we sent the engine back to the factory. I retired from Lockheed after 17 years as a lead design engineer on the PAC-3 missile system. If anyone knows what happened to 127763, please let me know.

I will never forget this aircraft!